Major collaborations

  • ownCloud News


    An ownCloud app for reading RSS/Atom feeds. I created this app as my Google Summer of Code project. It’s written in PHP and Javascript with the AngularJS framework. (This project has been forked as a Nextcloud project in 2016.)

    Co-authors: Bernhard Posselt, Jan-Christoph Borchardt
  • krsslocal


    A KDE component to port the feed reader Akregator to the storage service Akonadi introduced in KDE 4. I built this as a Season of KDE project. It’s written in C++ and Qt framework.

    Co-author: Frank Osterfeld

Minor collaborations


    A MATLAB toolbox for exploring quantum entanglement theory – see my contributions.

  • ownCloud Photo Upload

    A FirefoxOS app to upload photos and videos to ownCloud. This is a project I mentored for the program OPW. It’s written in HTML, CSS and Javascript with the AngularJS framework.

For other small projects, check out my Github's profile.